Today on Adamant Eve… Victim Blaming

We are playing a feature today you might have heard before if you are an avid listener on victim blaming. This is definitely a good one to get someone else to listen to for educational purposes if you have the opportunity!

Given that that is the topic of our feature, here are some links to resources for survivors of sexual violence and those wanting to help someone they know who is a survivor of sexual violence.

Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton

University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre

Saffron Sexual Assault Centre

Zebra Child Protection Centre

Sexual Assault Map of Edmonton

Also – a little known fact. If you are interested in filing a police report about a sexual assault but don’t want to go through the police, sexual assault centres are able to file a third party report on your behalf. As well, if you choose not to report a sexual assault to the police, that is 100% a valid choice. You know what’s best for  you.


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