Feminist Activism: Being Proud of Yourself!

Over at Feministe, there’s a post up about the importance of praising yourself and being proud of the things you like about yourself and do well.

But if I think about it, expressing shame or guilt — while honest and I think even important (we can’t deal with something until we admit to ourselves that it’s a problem. Hello, daughter of the 12 Step Programs here!) — is hardly revolutionary. In fact, it’s kind of part-and-parcel of the Judeo-Christian (I cannot believe I just used that term) worldview, and — even more problematically — part-and-parcel of Western social norms and mores for women. We talk about what we’re doing wrong all the time, frankly.

What would be revolutionary, perhaps, would be to talk about what we do right.

As part of this exercise, the author mentioned her awesome parenting skills. Which are so awesome I’m sharing them as well:

I am raising my children to be aware, thinking feminists. Our family talks all the time — at the dinner table, in the car, while watching TV — about how the world treats people, what society’s expectations are, and whether or not those expectations are fair or just or even reflective of the reality that we see around us — and the husband and I see the fruits of this labor all the time.

For instance #1: The girl recently complained that a very cool construction toy she’d gotten for her 8th birthday had no pictures of girls on the box, and when she found one on the instructions, she noted, with sarcasm positively dripping from her voice, that the model had built a princess crown “because all girls ever do are princess things.” For instance #2: The boy prepared this speech in honor of Martin Luther King last year for school (when he was all of 11), writing: “I have a dream that one day no one in this world will be able to push you down, regardless of any stereotypes. I have a dream that in all 50 states Muslim Boys and Muslim Girls and homosexual boys and homosexual girls and rich boys and rich girls and poor boys and poor girls and all of the boys and girls of America will join together and nothing in the world will be able to stop them.”

It matters that our girls and boys grow up to be feminist adults, but it also matters that they be feminist children. We need only look at schoolyard bullies to see the impact that children can have on people’s lives — loving, caring, egalitarian-minded children can help heal the world. And of course as their parents, it matters very deeply to us that the boy and the girl gain the tools they’ll need to shake off the world’s damaging messages. I am proud of the way that I am raising my children.

2 thoughts on “Feminist Activism: Being Proud of Yourself!

  1. Hey, wow – thanks! I’ve never been to Edmonton, but it’s nice to know my post has made it up there [here? Am I in Cyber Edmonton now? : ) ].

    And I should probably say: The kids emerged from the cosmos kind of awesome. All their dad and I have been doing is kind of helping them shine themselves up! They’re grand, what can I say.

    Thank you!

    1. Love your blogging Emily 🙂 Just want to share it with the world is all!

      (And I’ve only been in the Chicago airport… and I suppose Chicago cyberspace now too? So we’re almost even)

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