News: Prisoner Justice Day, Sex+Motherhood, Fat+Health

-August 10th was Prisoner Justice Day. I very strongly suggest listening to the most recent edition of GroundWire on the topic of prisoner justice to learn about prisons in Canada, and why progressives, feminists, etc. should be very concerned about the rights of prisoners.

-Great article on our discomfort with sex and motherhood mixing on Salon: “When porn meets real motherhood.”

-A recent study out of Edmonton suggests that being fat isn’t actually inherently unhealthy (what!?!?!??), being unhealthy is what is unhealthy. Emily over at Feministe breaks it down. The original article that she quotes has a bit of trouble fully comprehending the idea that fat is not the same thing as unhealthy, but that’s what Emily is for – she italicized the good parts.

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