Sustainable Organizing in Radio or Blogging

This post that Courtney wrote over at Feministing rings so true for us here at Adamant Eve as well. Its on lack of sustainability of feminist blogging (or in our case radio-ing) without funding, the barriers that creates, but also the hesitance to embrace sustainable models because of the (political)  risks that come with for-profit structures and goals. Here is an excerpt but check out the whole piece for sure:

So I’m sitting here, mindful of my own legacy and very struck that what one might reasonable argue is the most robust, powerful medium for feminism today is being created in a truly unsustainable way. I start to daydream about all of the amazing things we might be able to do if we actually had the funding, space, and time to do more than keep our heads above water. We could be more proactive rather than reactive. We could make sure that our bloggers don’t naturally gravitate towards an economic class that can sustain unsustainable work. We could be more intentional about collaborating with grassroots organizations all over the country. The possibilities seem endless.


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