A million events!

If you aren’t signed up for the fabulous APIRG events listening, you should be. Here is some of the stuff that they let me know what going on:

  • TODAY! Take Back the Night Edmonton 2011: September 23rd 7-10pm, Alberta Avenue Community Hall (9210 118 Avenue)
    TBTN is a march and rally addressing violence against women. Anyone is welcome to join us as we protest the realities of sexual violence and all forms of violence against women, support survivors of violence and honour those women who did not survive. Whether an ally or a survivor, or both, come share in a community effort to demand an end to violence against women!The event will begin with a women’s only (trans friendly) march down 118 Avenue. Following the march, there will be a rally including a Clothesline Project and a speak out (open mic). Men are welcome at the rally.Join us as we demand an end to violence against women.
  • Treaty History Workshop: September 27th 6-8pm, Education South 2-65 (U of A)
    Join us for an interactive session where we explore the process by which treaties came to exist, as well as continues to frame the interactions of people in Canada today.
  • Rally – Sisters in Spirit Walk/Rally: October 8 1-4pm
    On Saturday October 8th 2011 , concerned citizens, artists, community groups and organizations in Edmonton will be hosting the SIS (Sisters in Spirit) Walk/Rally. Please gather with us to honour our lost sisters and show support to their families & friends. We gather to show we are a united front. We gather to shed light on a crisis that affects every Canadian. The epidemic of racialized and sexualized violence against Indigenous/Aboriginal Women is a national tragedy (‘Aboriginal’ identified in Canada as First Nations, Non Status, Métis and Inuit).
  • Workshop – The Traveling Tickle Trunk hosts “The Pleasure Principle – Young Feminism and A New Vision for Sex Education – an evening with Jessica Yee“: October 17 6:30-8:30pm, the Traveling  Tickle Trunk (9923 82 Avenue)
    The term ‘sex-positive’ is everywhere these days, but do we actually know what it means? What would a truly sex-positive society – one that embraces pleasure and empowered sexual choice, even and especially for young people – look like? Are there cues from our own past that can lead us to a new future? Jessia Yee thinks so. Join her for a presentation and discussion on the links between feminism, traditional aboriginal values, and true sex-positivity and how we can move to a new vision for sex education in our culture.

    Jessica will also be signging copies of her book ‘Feminism for Real’. Tickets are $20

  • Talk – Feminism for REAL: Exploring Indigenous Feminism with Jessica Yee: October 18th 6:30-9pm, Telus Centre 217/219 (U of A)
    Come and explore ideas from Jessica’s newest book “Feminism FOR REAL: Deconstructing the academic industrial complex of feminism.” When feminism itself becomes its own form of oppression, what do we have to say about it? Western notions of polite discourse are not the norm for all of us, and just because we’ve got some new and hot language lately in equity-seeking movements like feminism — such as “intersectionality” — to use in our talk, it doesn’t necessarily make things change in our walk (i.e. actually being anti-racist). Confronting the sometimes uncomfortable questions feminism has made us ask about what’s going on FOR REAL paved the many paths that brought the contributers of this book together to share their sometimes uncomfortable truths, not just about feminism, but about who they are and where they are coming from.Against a backdrop exposing a 500+ year legacy of colonization and oppression, Feminism FOR REAL explores what has led us to the existence of “feminism”, who gets to decide what it is, and why. With stories that make the walls of academia come tumbling down, it deals head-on with the conflicts of what feminism means in theory as opposed to real life, the frustrations of trying to relate to definitions of feminism that never fit no matter how much you try to change yourself to fit them, and the anger of changing a system while being in the system yourself.”

    Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event. The event is free.

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