Trigger Warning for Sexual Assault: Edmonton Man Admits Groping 20 Women

Trigger Warning for Sexual Assault.

This story just posted on the Edmonton Journal:

An Edmonton man admits he groped 20 women in the downtown and Whyte Avenue areas over nine days this summer.

Darrel Julian Walker, 39, pleaded guilty Tuesday in provincial court to multiple sexual assaults.

Walker usually followed his victims, approached them from behind and groped their crotches, buttocks or breasts before fleeing on foot with a muttered “sorry.”

The assaults occurred in various locations, including parking lots, sidewalks, Whyte Avenue, Scotia Place, the City Centre Mall pedway and the Farmer’s Market at 104th Street and Jasper Avenue.

From June 28 to July 6, Walker said he assaulted only one woman some days, but that he accosted six on July 5.

At times, his victims were purchasing a parking voucher or entering their vehicles. Others were walking down the street.

On one occasion, he groped a woman near Whyte Avenue, then followed her as she stopped at three different businesses to get away from him.

Walker immediately ran from any woman who turned on him or defended herself.

He knew none of the victims, who ranged in age from 16 to 56.

Walker was arrested July 6 after a police officer stopped him for jaywalking at a downtown intersection and realized he had outstanding warrants.

The next day during a police interview, Walker admitted to the assaults. He initially said there had been at least a dozen incidents and that he had been drunk.

Walker also expressed remorse in the interview. “I know it’s wrong. I wouldn’t want it to escalate to anything worse. This kind of thing, I’ve never done before. It makes a person wonder, if I can get away with this, what’s next? I don’t want that to happen to me … I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

Walker returns to court Nov. 21.

“I wouldn’t want it to escalate to anything worse”? You sexually assaulted 20 women! How much worse are you imagining it could be?

1 thought on “Trigger Warning for Sexual Assault: Edmonton Man Admits Groping 20 Women

  1. My Friend Was One Of The Victims, She Is 16, An He Sexually Assaulted Her In Broad Daylight by Her FATHER’s Vehicle And I Was Right Beside Her, By The Time We Processed What Happenes We Ran Arou d The Corner In The Direction He Fled And It Was Too Late. this Was On Jasper Ave Near The Mongolie Grill, Kyoto Japan Area. Disgusting :/

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