Women’s Movements and Work Around the World

The CBC radio program Ideas ran a show this week on the work women are doing around the globe to challenge sexism/patriarchy/etc.

Women have been identified by economists, social scientists, politicians and pundits as key to moving forward on issues like poverty, violence and conflict. Sally Armstrong takes us around the globe, where localized acts of female emancipation are literally improving the prospects for humankind at large

On a similar thread, reflections on the Nobel Peace Prize winners over at Feministe remind us that it shouldn’t be too hard to comprehend that women’s interests are not niche interests:

In acknowledging these three women, the Nobel committee also acknowledges something that seems to escape a lot of notice in global activism: Advancing women’s issues is advancing world peace–not because freedom and democracy in Liberia and Yemen benefit men as well as women, but because half the world is made up of women. Women’s concerns are global concerns. Johnson Sirleaf, Gbowee, Karman, and the women who take risks to support their causes aren’t significant because they support women but because they take action to promote peace through avenues and populations that many other activists and leaders have neglected.

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