Women in Comics

Here are the links from Friday’s show:

Women in Refrigerators – a site made by Gail Simone, the American author behind Birds of Prey. This site lists every superwoman who has been murderd, raped or depowered. It also has a lists of responses to the site by famous individuals in the comic book industry.

Comic Vine –  a cool site and forum, check out the 3 minute Expert videos that give the life and times of a character. The hardship female characters experience is really evident here.

Check out this sweet webcomic The Adventures of A-Girl!  by Elizabeth Watasin.

Geek Girls ComicCon  actually on in Seattle this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Women in Comics

    1. They are in the section marked at the top as “Recent Shows”. We used to do a blog post for each, but this makes it easier to see what is currently available for listening to, rather than having to look through all our posts to find each show.

      Last Friday’s show on comics will be posted this Friday! 😀

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