News: Update on Air Canada Dispute, Missing and Murdered Women Inquiry, and Intersectionality + Occupy Wallstreet Protests

  • Update on the Air Canada labour dispute: the government has blocked the strike from happening by referring the case Canada Industrial Relations Board to determine what the impact a strike would have on the health and safety of the public. What is somewhat ironic about this is that the suggestion is that it is possibly mandatory for the well-being of the nation to have flight attendants in the air, and yet the government is attempting to avoid having those very same workers continue to fight for appropriate working conditions.
  • The inquiry in to the missing and murdered women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside opened today with many of the groups and organizations that know the issue best forced to withdraw without public legal funding.
  • On remembering to include in Occupy Wall Street Protests an acknowledgment of the sexism, racism, and heterosexism that is deeply entrenched in the capitalism that activists are fighting against.

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