News: Air Canada Strike Blocked, CUPW Takes Government to Court, Hate Speech, and George W. Bush War Crimes

  • Air Canada flight attendants have been blocked from striking Thursday as they must stay on the job throughout the labour dispute until the Canadian Industrial Relations Board comes to a decision about the effect a strike would have on the health and safety of the public.
  • CUPW, the union representing postal workers, has mounted a legal battle against the government, arguing that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was violated by the back-to-work legislation that ended their strike this past summer.
  • The Supreme Court of Canada is hearing a case set to debate the right to free speech vs. the ban on hate speech. The case regards the distribution of homophobic flyers in Saskatchewan a decade ago.
  • Amnesty International is calling on Canada to arrest George W. Bush when he visits B.C. next week and say that both Canadian and International law requires it.

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