American Thanksgiving for Feminists

So Since it is American Thanksgiving today I figured I would cover some thanksgiving related topics.

First of All:

No Thanks: A little Historical Truth-Telling about Thanksgiving, This recently published post on Feministing covers the “purportedly idyllic partnership between the European Pilgrims and New England Indians” pretty throughly with quotes and links to various articles, that are really enlightening about the origins of the holiday.

On the lighter side, 10 Reasons for Feminists to be Grateful on Thanksgiving  is a pleasant reminder of some awesome stuff we should be thankful for.

Now for your guides to every feminist conversation you might find yourself slipping into at the dinner table:

Planned Parenthood brings us 8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table 

Color Lines has a post entitled 5 Ways to Face Race at the Thanksgiving Table—and Not Choke

Jezebel on How to Deal with the Thanksgiving Food Police

NPR has and audio file and transcript on How to Talk Politics at the Dinner Table 

Huffington Post covers ‘Occupy Wall Street’ And Peaceful Protests: A Family Dinner Table Talk 

Glaad on talking LGBT issues with “Aunt Betty” 


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