Feminist Canada Day

Hey! So today is July 1st a.k.a. Canada Day. Usually today is marked with balloons, parades, and fireworks but heres’s some ways we can all enjoy Canada a little differently!

A great post on Thinking Girl blog states:

“However, I can’t help but feel this year that, because I love my country, I should talk about what I consider to be the greatest and most serious blight on the face of our nation, and that is the ongoing brutal colonization of Canada’s indigenous peoples.  It’s something that I feel all non-indigenous Canadians should be extremely embarrassed by, and should be actively trying to correct. We have all benefitted from the brutalization, ghettoization, displacement, colonization, and genocide of First Nations people here in Canada, and we should be ashamed.”

Considering the on-going colonialization of Indigenous lands is extremely important!!

This fabulous article in the globe and mail by Drew Hayden Taylor entitled “White People Here’s Your One time Canada Day Special: Native People Apologize Back!” is sarcastic, powerful and a really good reminder of the current oppression that Indigenous peoples in Canada still experience.

We hereby apologize for being so inconsiderate as to occupy land that, one day, your people would want. Even though we did not have a postal system or an Internet, this was an inexcusable oversight. We hope you are enjoying it.

We apologize for having so many politically correct and incorrect names for you to call us – everything from native to aboriginal to first nations to wagon burner to status-card number 48759375876-1.

In retrospect, to make things easier for you, we should have stayed in India, where we were originally thought to have come from. Unfortunately today it is really hard to get decent palak paneer on the reserve.

We hereby apologize for not understanding the subtle connections between God, children and sexual abuse. Some are still struggling with appreciating this association.

Other ways Canadians have chosen to spend Canada involve organizing National Stop Harper Day. Here’s a short explanation of why this new event has come about.

Traditionally, July 1st is a day known as “Canada day” by Canadians across the country. This year however, that all changes, In most cities across Canada July 1st 2012 will now be known as National Stop Harper Day. One only needs to mention Steven Harper in public and his unpopularity with Canadians becomes very apparent. Harper’s general dislike isn’t without merit, in fact the list of reasons is too large to fit in a regular conversation and expands daily.

The “in and out” scandal, lying about voter suppression, the F-35 debacle, muzzling scientists, opposition to environmental groups, union breaking, the tar sands… the list goes on and on. Sadly, most Canadians are only now beginning to realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the “Harper Government”, formally known as the Canadian government.

One of his largest recent human-rights offences is the attempted implementation of Bill C-10, the Omnibus crime bill. (http://ccla.org/omnibus-crime-bill-c-10/) Currently, it is being criticized by the Supreme Court of Canada, as many of its components are considered cruel and unusual punishment.

With Harpers recent unwillingness to celebrate the 30th birthday of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, his message becomes more apparent. What will be left of the Canada we used to know. We’ve become little more than the great black oil stain on the top of America.

So there’s a couple things to read for Canada Day. 🙂 Also interesting to note that #denounceharper is trending on twitter.


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