E on Beauty

I often wonder why it is that some feminists believe that to wear make-up or dress up and wear heels is considered catering to the traditional ideal of female beauty. So the alternative is to go the opposite way. Is there really no room for allowing ourselves to be both strong feminists and still care about personal style?

Believe me, I detest most fashion magazines for the ads depicting ridiculous photoshopped standards of beauty and the useless advice they give to people that, for the most part, don’t know any better. But that doesn’t mean that fashion and personal style is synonymous with the evils in fashion. There are some things about feminism I don’t agree with, and rightly so, because I am an individual, and no two people ever think the same.

I saw an episode of What Not to Wear the other day where this professor was saying how there is a lot of inequity in fashion, especially when it comes to levels of comfort. The point that was made was that there is a halfway point we can find between comfort and style.

I think style should be not about purchasing the next fancy label, or having to get up at the crack of dawn to impress a man, I think it should be a personal expression of how you feel. For some women, that may be that they choose not to shave, or to wear heels, and I applaud them for making that personal decision. For myself, I have always enjoyed vintage hunting, following the latest trends and putting my own twist on them, and yes, heels (but not really high ones that hurt my feet).

I don’t believe that a person’s self-esteem should be wrapped up in their physical appearance. However, there are days where I wake up feeling like crap, and putting a little make-up and a nice outfit on makes me feel ready for the day. To me, the difference is that I am not dressing for others, but for myself. If I were to give up shaving and start dressing like some of my other feminist friends, I think I would be dressing for others.

The final reason I am writing this blog entry is as an introduction to a series of blog entries I plan on writing about style, design, decor and art. I want to encourage people to express themselves, and to push their limits of comfort when it comes to fashion. I often encounter women who limit themselves with that they think they can get away with and say things like “I could never pull that off.” Well I’m here to tell you that you can, and you should. I hope that we can all be proud to be women, in whatever makes you feel like the best you.

Emily W

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