Femcon Album Review – Kilo Kish’s K+


Kilo Kish  is an “American vocalist,song writer, visual artist, painter, fashion/textile designer, and model/actress. She is part of experimental collective, KoolKatsKlub, together with Producer/Rapper Mels McCloud and Rapper/Engineer Smash Simmons. Kish currently resides in Brooklyn.”

She is a regluar renaissance woman and her latest album K+ is not just a dream, trance, rap album with melo vocals and heavy bass but an entire multimedia art project. You can here her explain the project in her own words here.

As well I want to note how awesome this lady is after examining her web-blog, where she writes about delightfully nerdy things like the new Xbox One, and Game of Thrones.


01 Intro
02 Goldmine feat. Jesse Boykins III prod. by Star Slinger
03 Ghost feat. Childish Gambino prod. by Matt Martians, SBTRKT
04 Trappin feat. Vince Staples prod. by Earl Sweatshirt
05 IOU prod. by Matt Martians
06 Turquouise feat. Jesse Boykins III, prod. by PROF CALC
07 Scones feat. Childish Gambino prod. by Childish Gambino
08 Love2K feat. A$AP Ferg, Smash Simmons, prod. by Very Rare
09 Better feat. Andrea Balency produced by Patrick Paige of The Internet
10 Creepwave feat. Flatbush Zombies, prod. by Cronos


Listening to this album I was blown away by the originality. First of all the entire work is available for download for free from her site kilokish.com. Or you can listen to the full album via youtube.

The vocal flow and beats are very unique. Kish has a soothing tone of voice that really challenges the aggressive rapper motif. However, she does have a lot of collaboration on the album that allows the listener to hear the contrast on the disc and if you prefer the aggressive sound, there are tracks for you!

Her lyrics are also deep and intricate. There is a lot of tracks specifically about relationships, my favoriate being Goldmine, but I think I would prefer diversity in the subject matter, as a lot of the tracks come off quite monogamous/heteronormative. Here’s one of my favorite feminist lines from the track Turqoise.

And still, we’re casualties
Of summer nights with intuitions
I talk to Cash and tell her all my hopes and wishes
She says I need a man with morals and ambition
Still shudder at that idea of that old tradition
Like that, ‘cept for the fact that I get super bored
Fast, won’t you come back
Take your sweater up and drop it to the ground
You know I love the sound
Won’t you tell me to my face?
Champagne glass shattering
Emotions in this space

The production on the mixtape is amazing, unquestionably. And I admire the overall concept that she was striving for by documenting the entire creative process, the conversations at the beginnings and endings of the tracks really add to the dreamy atmosphere. This ablum is perfect to listen to when you are just chilling on the pub-trans.

I interpret her as having a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing what she releases next!

❤ Sarah

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