Adamant Eve is Edmonton’s only feminist news radio show!

We´re going there…for you! Seeing as women’s issues are as powerful as ever in this day and age, and if anything they’re much more complex, Adamant Eve is everything women have raved, wondered or smoldered about, along with a dose of news with a feminist bent and music to help you get your feminism on! Kapow!

Listen Fridays at 5:30 on CJSR FM 88.5 or online at www.cjsr.com.

You can find podcasts of past episodes at the CJSR News Deptartment.

Email us at eve [at] cjsr [dot] com

Get your feminism on!

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  1. Hey, my self and some other girls are in a women studies course right now and we’re building an activist project on campus that’ll be happening latter this week.If any fans are interested come check out our blog to promote awareness of the Lucy Stone league and equal rights between sexes for surnames after marriage. Also there will be listings for our upcoming events.


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