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Good Reads: Racism in Feminism, Colonialism and Thanksgiving, Rethinking Exercise, and Going Back to an Abuser

  • Rethinking exercise as something other than a moral chore or a way to ‘fix’ one’s body or appearance.
  • (Trigger warning for domestic violence.) On understanding why women whose have suffered domestic violence will go back to their abusers.

Links: Gender Bending Art Projects, Fitness Deserts, and Self-Care.

  • On ‘fitness deserts’: neighbourhoods and areas where people, often marginalized people, are hard pressed to find places to be active and get exercise. (Apologies – this article uses the words ‘fighting obesity’, which is a very fat-phobic way to talk about improving health through exercise. Not okay.)
  • Some thoughts on self-care that you should probably read. It’ll be good for you!