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On this episode, we explore the way art can ground us with a sense of belonging. First we hear from Gwich’in artist and community advocate Nigitstil Norbert who speaks about her journey of becoming an artist, overcoming structural violence, and balancing Indigeneity and feminism in her work. Then we hear from Egyptian poet Nermeen Youssef about finding common ground between science and art, and why she began writing poetry after she moved to Canada.

The Root of Anger

On this episode, we explore the life and career of Valerie Solanas, the mother of radical feminism and the woman who shot Andy Warhol in 1968. We speak to Scantily Glad Theatre about their new play “SCUM: A Manifesto,” which revolves around Solanas’ work, and how to cope with anger in the face of patriarchal oppression.

Art Is Responsibility

On this episode, we explore the ethical responsibilities of being an artist and an educator. First we hear from Christine Sokaymoh Frederick about becoming the Citadel Theatre’s first Indigenous Associate artist. Then we talk to The Maggie Tree about their upcoming production of 9 Parts Of Desire. And finally we chat with Rachel Carr about a rural Albertan school’s problematic take on “Women’s Studies.”