Edmonton Events – July!


Hey feminists!!

Here is some cool stuff happening in the lovely Edmonton:


This weekend is the 2013 Healing Walk through the tar sands!! July 5th – 7th!

There is still time to gooo!!

The Healing Walk was born out of a need to heal. The Healing walk is not a rally, march or protest, but an acknowledgement of the people and other living beings, the water, the land and the air, that is suffering due to our unhealthy energy addictions.

This years Healing walk will be on July 5th and 6th 2013. There is a lot of significance being the fourth year of the Healing Walk and the Indigenous people have many teachings around this and say that there is 4 to everything we do, some being; 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 parts to our lives (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional). This year’s walk has a lot of meaning to us and will be a special experience for all who will be attending. To see last year’s Healing Walk, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay9L6Sn28_8

Confirmed attending as guest speakers: Wab Kinew, Tantoo Cardinal, Sylvia McAdam, Bill McKibbon (founder of 350.org), Naomi Klein, Francois Paulette and former Dene Grand Chief Sam Gargon!

There will be sessions on Friday during the day; some of the session will be on solar energy, traditional foods and others.

Schedule of Events: The dates for the Healing Walk are July 5 & 6, 2013.

12pm: Meet and Greet, Workshops

9am: Pipe Ceremony at Crane Lake Park
10am: Healing Walk
6pm: Feast and Closing Ceremony

We have booked a campsite at Indian Beach near Anzac for the event. Please bring your own camping gear and food. We will provide some dinner on the 5 & 6 and snacks during the walk but otherwise you will be responsible for your own meals. If you require a billet (reserved for elders or those with disabilities) please contact us here. We want to make sure the Healing Walk is a powerful experience for everyone and that means making sure we have enough food, supplies, and accommodations for everyone.

Please take the time to register. It will help us a lot! http://www.healingwalk.org/register

The Healing Walk started in 2010 in Fort McMurray Alberta, which is located in the Northern Boreal Forest. Fort McMurray is in Treaty 8 where for the past 50 years there has been oil extraction. Initially the extraction was oil, it is now crude which is a much heavier form of oil and takes more energy and water to extract, making it one if the dirtiest oils on the planet. The closest major river that runs through Fort McMurray is the Athabasca River. The Athabasca River starts in Jasper and runs through communities such as Fort McKay, Fort Chipewyan and Fort Smith and eventually drains into the Artic Basin. It virtually affects Treaty 7, 6, 8 and 11 directly. As the demand for tar sands oil continues to grow, more natural resources closest to these projects are being exhausted and contaminated with many toxics that are directly affecting and jeopardizing human health, health of other and all living beings, water, land and air. Some scientists have classified the tar sands as the most destructive project on the planet. Many groups and grassroots people have been actively engaged in education on different levels to inform the public and promote healthier progression, including diversity of economy, to include a strong market in alternative and more sustainable options, like solar energy. Solar being a much less destructive option. The Healing Walk is sponsored by the Keepers of the Athabasca. Keepers of the Athabasca is a collection of First Nations, Metis, Inuit, environmental groups, and watershed citizens working together for the protection of water, land and air, and thus for all living things today and tomorrow in the Athabasca River Watershed.

Also another great event:
A Queer Summer Night’s Dream taking place July 20th.

Queersummer Night’s Dream is a variety show/cabaret-style event with a little bit of dance, drag, music, installation, poetry, and, of course, mood lighting!

Queersummer’s Night’s Dream is hosted/organized by Queer Royale (a gender performance troupe) and funded by APIRG (Alberta Public Interest Research Group) and the EAC (Edmonton Arts Council/City of Edmonton).

When: July 20th, 2013
Doors: 6pm
Show: 7pm

Where: St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 11725 93 St NW, Edmonton, AB. Venue is physically accessible, including washrooms. QR is working with NICA Consolidated for English ASL Interpretation and will have 3 interpreters present for the event.

Costs: NO ONE TURNED AWAY, suggested donation $5-$10
This is a licensed event 18+

As modeled after the Great Bard’s tale (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare) the theme of the evening is all about dream-states, unexpected couplings, trickery, and transformations.

Our intentions are to showcase art and performance from QTTPLGB (Queer, trans*, pansexual, two-spirt, lesbian, gay, and bisexual) communities and our allies and invite connection, collaboration and conversation among folks from all aspects of the community.

Together with you we would like to create safe(r) performance spaces that are intended to be cooperative, consensual, accessible, and entertaining. We want to invite people to have some good old fashion (and more inclusive) FUN!

Contact info: queerroyale@gmail.com

Also the Gender based violence prevention project is looking for Zine submissions!

Hey community! The Gender Based Violence Prevention Project needs your help in creating a resource for queer/gender-variant/LGBTTQA* community members to improve access to supports and services on campus and in our city.

GBVPP is creating a safer sex package for all First Year students at Orientation this year and we really wanted to create a Pink Pages zine. The Pink Pages zine would identify resources, supports, services, and events in Edmonton that foster queer community and support inclusivity. We will also have a specific section in the zine that will focus on inclusive gender based violence supports and services.

Please include in your submission: Name of service, address/location, contact info, office hours, rates (sliding scale), event dates, etc. and any other info that you think is important. Also please include how your service, events etc. are inclusive to queer/gender-variant/LGBTTQA* community members’ identified folks!

If you don’t have a resource or service in mind, but want to contribute art/stories/poems to the zine please do! (Think about what you might have wanted to hear as a First Year student at the University or as someone who is looking for a supportive community/service)

Please submit your contributions by July 15, 2013 to melanie.alexander@su.ualberta.ca or give us a call at 780.492.4949.

Femcon Album Review – K.Flay’s West Ghost



I have been following K.Flay for almost a year now, ever since I mysteriously stumbled across her Eyes Shut EP on youtube. Then I fell into the rabbit hole that is the internet and emerged with a new crush.

So K.Flay is a rapper and alumni of Stanford University with a double major in psychology and sociology, and pretty much an all-around badass. She is smart and hilarious, originally taking up rapping to challenge the saturated market of lame mysoginistic rap we are drowning in. She is very clever and witty, especially in her book reports that she publishes on her youtube channel.

West Ghost

01 – Don’t Wait Up
02 – Fleas Navidad
03 – Fvcking Crazy (ft. Eligh & Grieves)
04 – Another Round
05 – The Cops
06 – West Ghost (ft. Allen Stone)
07 – No
08 – You Say
09 – Appetite For Consumption

westghostHer latest mixtape West Ghost is available for download (for freeeeee) from her website, and I strongly encourage checking it out!

On the disc K.Flay addresses a variety of topics from drinking to sex addiction, to the culture of consumption we are emerged in. The content is really rounded out and diverse! There are some relationship tracks as well as K.Flay’s specialty, which (I would say) are raps addressing mental illness, depression, and insecurity.

I always find her writing very raw and insightful. It does have a lot of drug, alcohol and suicide references so I would only recommend the tape for mature audiences.

I also really appreciate the diverse moods on the tapes, from up beat tracks like Fvcking Crazy and West Ghost to more soulful emotional tracks like The Cops, this disc really has a  song for every mood. I find this keeps me from zoning out when listening, I’m continuously and actively engaging with the music, replaying and paying attention to lyrics and the beat.

OH THE BEATS. K.Flay does all her own production and is a bit of a mix genius. She works mostly with electronic beats, creating some really neat effects, that really keep you tapping along.

From a feminist perspective, K.Flay challenges traditional gender roles and norms in most of her visuals and music. For instance the video for  The Cops is this jarring and unexpected twist on K.Flay enacting traditional gender roles.

Also many of her lyrics criticize the male dominated rap culture she deals with on a daily basis, this is the opening verse from Fleas Navidad:

I’m not underdressed, you’re overdressed
Spend my days with chauvinists
In studios, conference rooms think they’re smooth, but no finesse
My mom dealing with Oakland stress
The world like cold as shit
Missed the boat on the perks I’m supposed to get
Mai tais on a white beach, coconuts bitch

So yeah. I really like K.Flay and I recommend the West Ghost mixtape. Try listening to it in the gym, or on your power-walk to work or school!

Women in Comics


Here are the links from Friday’s show:

Women in Refrigerators – a site made by Gail Simone, the American author behind Birds of Prey. This site lists every superwoman who has been murderd, raped or depowered. It also has a lists of responses to the site by famous individuals in the comic book industry.

Comic Vine –  a cool site and forum, check out the 3 minute Expert videos that give the life and times of a character. The hardship female characters experience is really evident here.

Check out this sweet webcomic The Adventures of A-Girl!  by Elizabeth Watasin.

Geek Girls ComicCon  actually on in Seattle this weekend.


Links: Gender Bending Art Projects, Fitness Deserts, and Self-Care.

  • On ‘fitness deserts’: neighbourhoods and areas where people, often marginalized people, are hard pressed to find places to be active and get exercise. (Apologies – this article uses the words ‘fighting obesity’, which is a very fat-phobic way to talk about improving health through exercise. Not okay.)
  • Some thoughts on self-care that you should probably read. It’ll be good for you!