Stand in Solidarity with the Winnemem Wintu


From Deep Green Resistance:

The Winnemem Wintu are a salmon and middle water people living on what is left of their ancestral lands from Mt. Shasta down the McCloud River watershed in California. They have issued a request for solidarity in defense of a sacred Coming of Age Ceremony for young Winnemem Wintu women.

The Wintu ceremony is continually disrupted by boats and disrespectful tourists.

Also here’s and interview explaining the situation further:


White Wolf Pack, a really awesome blog (and I highly recommend reading this article, it’s fantastic) also addressed how difficult it is for ghost-tribes to obtain federal recognition and protection for their land. It seems like they are always presented one or the other. The requirements to gain federal recognition are also absurd as explained below:

The BIA petition process requires tribes to collect voluminous genealogical and historical proof that they have been a “continuous distinct community” since 1900. The Tolowa’s petition was rejected in late 2010 on the grounds that it didn’t include enough evidence that the tribe existed as a community from 1903 to 1930.

“They’re not used to all these small bands and tribes and the way we lived in California, sticking to our small territories,” said Martha Rice, a Tolowa Nation council member. “They have a model for what a tribe should be, and it just doesn’t fit in California.”

Anthropologists and tribal members also argue that the requirement to show “continuous and distinct community” for more than a century is unrealistic, given the government’s history of interfering with tribal development.

“These people went through massacres, dislocations and suffered all these horrible atrocities, and then the government demands, ‘Show us your continuous community.’ It’s absurd,” said Les Field, an anthropologist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

To support the Winnemem Wintu check them out online here.


American Thanksgiving for Feminists


So Since it is American Thanksgiving today I figured I would cover some thanksgiving related topics.

First of All:

No Thanks: A little Historical Truth-Telling about Thanksgiving, This recently published post on Feministing covers the “purportedly idyllic partnership between the European Pilgrims and New England Indians” pretty throughly with quotes and links to various articles, that are really enlightening about the origins of the holiday.

On the lighter side, 10 Reasons for Feminists to be Grateful on Thanksgiving  is a pleasant reminder of some awesome stuff we should be thankful for.

Now for your guides to every feminist conversation you might find yourself slipping into at the dinner table:

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