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Feminist News Roundup! – Thanksgiving, Motion 408, and Girls Learn to Code

It’s American Thanksgiving. Something to think about.

Here’s another great post on Thanksgiving from Racialicious, entitled “Thanksgiving Special: RECLAIMING Their VOICE: The Native American Vote in New Mexico & Beyond”

Here’s some past posts we have done on it:

Thanksgiving for Feminists

Good Reads: Racism in Feminism, Colonialism and Thanksgiving, Rethinking Exercise, and Going Back to an Abuser

Other News:

From, Harper continual slashes transit funding as the climate crisis deepens.

Also another great article on Rabble. “Sexism, ableism and other anti-choice claims: What you need to know about Motion 408

From the Canadian Press – A federal court judge is expected to rule today on whether two unions can seek a judicial review of the decision to grant temporary foreign worker permits to a northern B.C. coal mine.

Awesome story about Ladies Learning Code teaching young girls to kick butt in the sciences.

Events Coming Up in Edmonton:

More exciting things! TEDx Talks Edmonton Women – The Space Between is happening Dec 1 all day. You can get your tickets here!

Check out the screening of the Who Cares Documentary, premiering at the Metro Cinema on Tuesday Nov 27. Facebook event located here.

There will be a filming of Miss Representation at the Alberta Art Gallery on Thursday Nov. 29. Check it our on Facebook here.

There will also be another screening on Thursday Nov 29, of Entitled Exposure :: What I Love About Being Queer. Also on Facebook.