Recent Shows

This is where you can find our recent shows to listen to or download for later. Shows are uploaded a week after they air and are available online for 3 weeks.


Nov 23 2012 -Hosting with Sarah and Franki, Sarah speaks with Daley Laing about trans individuals in the mental health system.

Nov 16 2012 -Hosting with Sarah, Franki brings us an interview with InMotion discussing the organizations mandate to encourage physical activity for women and girls.

Nov 9 2012 – Sarah and Maren live host and fitblr and fat politics. Sarah interviews Jeanette Depatie owner of about her work out program to obtain health at every size.

Nov 2 2012- Live show with Sarah, Franki and Brenna, Brenna brings us news and we discuss the consumerization of breast cancer, Pink Ribbon Inc, and pink-washing.

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