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Food For Thought

On this episode, we shed our feminist light on food production and the act of eating. First we speak to Kelly Struthers Monford, a PhD student in Sociology of Food and a professor of a Food & Feminism course at the University of Alberta. Then we get some musical inspiration from musician and certified chef Kelis.


Beauty, It Survives

Have we truly evolved past harmful standards of beauty? On this episode, we attempt to achieve a new understanding of what it means to be beautiful. We chat with Serena Tang about what she’s learned about beauty, both as a visual artist and as an employee at Lush Cosmetics, and we ruminate on Naomi Wolf’s book “The Beauty Myth”.

Good Reads: Racism in Feminism, Colonialism and Thanksgiving, Rethinking Exercise, and Going Back to an Abuser

  • Rethinking exercise as something other than a moral chore or a way to ‘fix’ one’s body or appearance.
  • (Trigger warning for domestic violence.) On understanding why women whose have suffered domestic violence will go back to their abusers.