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Resisting Ability

On this episode, we explore self-care and its role in maintaining mental health. We take a look at various definitions of self-care and then we hear from Caitlin Hart, a student at the University of Alberta who is using art and performance as a way to celebrate neurodiversity in her community. Finally, we end the show with some anonymous streeter interviews.

Questioning Empowerment

On this episode, we explore stories of girlhood and empowerment. First we hear from Dr. Shenila Khoja-Moolji, a post doctoral student from the University of Pennsylvania, who talks to us about understanding the global North/South divide and how the figure of the girl is used as a site of social reform around the world. Then we speak with Edmonton musician and arts educator Amy van Keeken about the All In Music Project, which brought together professional musicians and a group of emerging musicians with disabilities to record an album.

A New Spin On Wellness

On this episode, we explore stories of health and fitness. First, we hear from Amy MacKinnon, the executive director of Edmonton’s Paralympic Sports Association, about her unique fitness programming like Women On Wheels & W.H.A.L.E. Night. Then we hear from Monica Kodie, a kettlebell instructor and one of the first women to compete internationally in Canada’s women’s bobsled team, who now does Bowen and Craniosacral therapy.

An extended interview with Brandon Wint

Here is our interview with spoken-word artist and arts educator Brandon Wint. Brandon explains how poetry can be used as a medium for personal and social healing, and as a tool of empowerment for marginalized voices in society. Finally, Brandon explains why the role of the poet often overlaps with that of the activist.

Brandon also performs two of his poems: “Home” & “Before You Ask”

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