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Good Reads on: Oppressive insults aimed at Conservatives, Adoption, Grieving

Here are some good reads from around the web today:

  • Over at Shameless Magazine, we are reminded that using your privilege, and discriminatory and oppressive language, jokes, etc. to talk down someone else who discriminatory and oppressive, in this case Toronto Mayor Tom Ford, is not okay.
  • A discussion post is open over at Feministe on adoption as a feminist issue.
  • Another discussion post is open over at Feministing on the role of grieving withing feminism.

News – Feministing’s Sunday Reader, Feminism +Maternal Desire, and Queer Blood Bank Discrimination

Feministing recently reinstated their Sunday reader. Rather than linking you to all the great stories they found this week, I’ll send you over to the list to take a look for yourself.

On feminism, mothering, and maternal desire.

This is disheartening – Canadian Blood Services is continuing to defend banning men who have sex with other men from donating blood supposedly because HIV risk. Because straight people can’t catch AIDS? I sure hope Canadian Blood Services has a better way of keeping HIV out of our donor banks than simply saying ‘no’ to gay men, and if they do, the ban on gay blood is redundant (and, obviously, ridiculously discriminatory and based in stereotypes).


Mental Illness Closet

There is a great post up on Feministe on the dilemma of whether to come out of the mental illness closet and the repercussions of doing so.

One of the areas of disclosure I’ve struggled with is whether or not to disclose in emergency situations to people like police, ambulance personnel, and people who are providing assistance. In the past I have done so, and it has not gone well. I have had police tell me to my face that they will not believe my report of being assaulted because I have just told them I have schizophrenia, and I have had police assault me themselves, and then tell me that no one will believe me because I have disclosed that I am mentally ill. I’ve had a little more luck with ambulance workers and paramedics, but still found that their training on psychiatric issues is sub par. Paramedics particularly seem to expect me to be dangerous when they discover that I have schizophrenia, especially if I’m in distress or crisis. I feel they should really know better. People with mental illness are not particularly likely to commit assault. On the contrary, we are more likely to be the victims of an assault than people who do not have mental illnesses.

Check out the whole article for more on mental illnesses at work and in other social circumstance.

Stories from around the web: ‘Femme’, EI and Working Mother’s Rights, Fat Discrimination

News – Worker Discrimination in Italy, the Cost of Healthy Food, and More on the Postal Strike

“An Italian company recently had to choose which workers to lay off in a cost-cutting effort. Solution: fire the women, because they should be taking care of their kids anyway.”

As you probably already know, healthy food costs way more than food that is bad for you and you can buy a lot more calories of terribleness than of good-for-you-ness for the same amount. Considering also that grocery stores are often not located in poorer neighbourhoods and require paying for some form of transportation to access  them, fast food and corner stores are also more accessible. These are some of many ways that class impacts health through food.

More on the postal strike and subsequent federal actions.