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Art Is Responsibility

On this episode, we explore the ethical responsibilities of being an artist and an educator. First we hear from Christine Sokaymoh Frederick about becoming the Citadel Theatre’s first Indigenous Associate artist. Then we talk to The Maggie Tree about their upcoming production of 9 Parts Of Desire. And finally we chat with Rachel Carr about a rural Albertan school’s problematic take on “Women’s Studies.”

Rabble Round-Up

Lots of good stuff up on Rabble today. Here’s some of what you should check out:

“Empower young people to define themselves and their communities” – on better representations of diversity in the media

“Equity in a time of economic crisis: Addressing First Nations people’s access to education”

“Time for progressives to explode monetary myths”

Educate yourself!

Want to know more about sex?


We played a fun clip from The Midwest Teen Sex Show tonight. This website is an awesome place to find sex-positive, non-judgmental information about sex.


Scarleteen.com is “Sex Ed for the Real World” and also a fabulous place to go to learn more about sex. They have information and messageboards.


And don’t forget, right here in Edmonton you can check out APIRG’s Alt Sex Ed Series. Up next is 101 Ways of Doing It.