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Inside/OUT Speakers’ Series tonight!

Inside/OUT Speakers’ Series Presents:

I Won’t Discuss Who I’m Dating: Reading Same Sex Celebrity Gossip in Hollywood and on Broadway
Presented by Wes D. Pearce, Head, Theatre Department, University of Regina

This illustrated talk, examines the ways in which same sex gossip has historically been used to ‘control’ leading men and women of both stage and screen. Arguing that the use of same sex celebrity gossip has been especially effective in ‘containing’ film stars, the use of same sexuality gossip has (surprisingly) been equally effective in ‘controlling’ stage actors. What is the relationship between the position of power and gossip? What, if any, is the role of gossip in maintaining a performative ‘gay ghetto’? What is the connection/nature between performing public sexual identity and destabilizing gossip?

Date: Thursday, 18 March 2010
Time: 5:00 – 6:00
Location: 7-152 Education North Building, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=377727867462&ref=mf
Website: www.ismss.ualberta.ca

Live at 5:30!

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Kelsey, Laura, Melanie, Saba and Sam are bringing you a live show tonight! Tune in at 5:30 to CJSR 88.5 FM and www.cjsr.com to check it out!

Equality in Alberta

The Parkland Institute released findings on March 8, International Women’s Day, which show women in Alberta still have a very long way to go indeed when it comes to achieving equality in this province.

Spoken Word

The spoken word piece today was by Diamond by alixa + namia of climbing poeTree. We can’t link to it because of the flash site, but if you follow the link and go to “Listen”, you can find it.

Fighting for Reproductive Rights

You can hear the documentary by Karin Wells called The Women are Coming on the website of CBC’s Sunday Edition. Unfortunately, they didn’t include it in this week’s podcast. This documentary tells the story of the Abortion Caravan, one of the most incredible examples of civil disobedience in Canadian history. In 1970, Women traveled from Vancouver to Ottawa holding town halls and speaking publicly about women’s experiences with abortion and the need for abortion on demand. When they got to Ottawa, 35 women chained themselves to chairs in the House of Commons and disrupted Question Period. The resulting disruption led to the first adjournment of Parliament due to a disturbance in the Gallery in its then 103 year history. Check out this original press release from 1970. And check out this paper on the RCMP surveillance of the AC and women’s liberation groups in Canada.

Voices for Choices is the amazing pro-choice collective at UofA.

From their constitution:

To be pro-choice is not to be pro-abortion (which is, in fact, the opposite of what we want to do!). We believe that we should let a woman decide for herself what reproductive choice is right for her depending on her own values, beliefs, culture, and experiences. We work toward removing barriers a woman may have in making a free choice by increasing the accessibility, social support, and funding for all three options. We believe that supporting sexual health and safer sex is inseparable to being pro-choice and so we will do what we can to increase the knowledge and accessibility of sexual health and contraception.


The Global Education Network Graduate Student Group at the University of Alberta presents its Engaging Feminist Voices Speaker Series with Dr. Phil E. Okeke-Ihejirkia who will be delivering the lecture:  Theorizing Feminism for Those on the Margins: Reflections of a Transnational Scholar.

Check it out on March 17, 2010 – 11:00 am to 1:00 pm – Education South 122. Lunch will be provided and everyone is welcome.


APIRG’s Alt Sex Ed series is going strong!

On  Wednesday, March 17, 2010 they have a workshop called
Creative Sex – History, stories, tips, and audience discussion.

APIRG will also be offering two presentations by Janet Hardy, author of The Ethical Slut, a book on polyamorous relationships.

On Wednesday, March 24 Hardy will be presenting the lecture: Millennial Ethical Sluthood. It will be from 7-9pm at the TELUS Centre on UofA Campus.

On Thursday, she will be offering the workshop: Loving Beyond Gender.

The cost for this workshop is $5 and You must pre-register, which you can do by emailing Jess at outreach@apirg.org

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Women’s equality in Canada is regressing. Thanks, Harper!

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Saba hosted and we had lots of awesome stuff on the show today! Here are some quick links.

Jocelyn had news about a report recently released by women’s and labour groups which shows that women are losing ground when it comes to equality in Canada. You can find more information here, here, here, and here.

Laura brought us Radio Eve with Edmonton’s Ariane Mahryke Lemire, a singer-songwriter who performs in both French and English. She has just released a new CD, Décousue, out and you can catch her tomorrow night at Savoy!

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Legislating Sexualities in Alberta

Updated: Note the new location, FAB 220

The Political Science Graduate Association and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta are presenting the panel Legislating Sexualities in Alberta.  It will be held from 12-2pm on Friday, February 5, 2010 in FAB 220, University of Alberta North Campus. More information can be found on the facebook page:

This panel will bring together a number of interested and informed actors to discuss the implications of the Alberta government’s actions and attitudes pertaining to sexual minorities. The motivations, repercussions and significance of the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act (AIRA), Bill 44, the de-listing of gender reassignment surgery, and eventual declaration of pride in Edmonton will be considered.


Lucas Crawford (English & Film Studies)
Dr. André P. Grace (Education)
Dr. Lois Harder (Political Science)
Dr. Cressida Heyes (Philosophy)
Rachel Notley (MLA for Edmonton-Strathcona)
Michael Phair (Education)

Laura has written a post for Blogosaurus Lex giving background information and asking questions on the issues this panel is discussing. From the post:

The de-listing of gender reassignment surgery (GRS, also known as Sexual Reassignment Surgery, SRS) for transgendered Albertans raises questions about who we deem worthy of medical treatment and how marginalized minority groups are treated in Alberta. It also raises questions about how people are defined under the law. Our society is heavily invested in the idea of a gender binary and our laws and bureaucratic processes reflect that. Transgendered people in Alberta, and in most places, must identify themselves as male or female on government documents (India legally recognizes the hijra as a third gender, but even this is problematic, in part because it groups all non-conforming gender expression in to an ‘other’ category). Not conforming with one’s legally designated gender can have many legal consequences (US websites) going beyond discrimination.

Check out Blogosaurus Lex to read the rest.

Raise Your Voice!

While we bring you as much awesome feminist news as we can every Friday at 5:30, that half hour once a week isn’t always enough for everything we want to play. This means sometimes we can’t use all of an interview, or can’t play all of a talk. Well those days are over!

At the top of the page is a link to Raise Your Voice! Here you’ll find all sorts of awesome talks, interviews, and whatever else we loved but couldn’t fit on the show.

We’ll be adding more in the coming weeks – including Linda Duncan, Elizabeth May and the Women’s Court of Canada – but for now check out Lise Gotell’s talk on the Garneau Sisterhood.