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News: Calling for a LGTB Minister, the Need for Identity Protection for Sex Workers at Pickton Inquiry, and Gender+Water Policy

Feminist Reads: Unfeminist Habits, Women’s Health Heroes Hall of Fame, and Supporting Your LGTBQ Kid

  • Great post over a Feministe by a feminist who does things that she considers unfeminist (all of which relate to beauty and body image).  Sometimes feminists spend a lot of time trying to justify things that they do as feminist because they a) want or need to continue doing them and b) want to retain their identity as a feminist. Being honest about the fact that we do not live in a feminist’s ideal world and that we are understandably impacted by that and thus do ‘unfeminist’ things is a great move that, in my mind, actually makes you an -even better- feminist (and requires you acknowledging yourself as a human being!). Good stuff!
  • Our Bodies Ourselves launched the Women’s Health Heroes Hall of Fame in 2009. Check out the list of the newest members and the excellent work they are doing worldwide. A sample:

Anveshi (India) for reminding us that solutions to the health crisis in that country must be situated within a unique and complex fabric of family… caste … class … community… and state.

Shokado (Japan) for reclaiming language and sexuality for all Japanese women and girls by coining new terms for body parts previously written with Chinese characters that convey shame.

Women’s Health Initiative (Bulgaria) for confronting stigma associated with childlessness in a pro-natalist society and demanding supportive infertility treatment for women who desire children

It goes without saying, but it can be challenging to care for what you don’t know. Trying to comprehend the abstract usually means relating it to something that you are familiar with, and if a connection can’t be made, taking a stance that’s already been paved is so often easier than formulating a unique opinion. For this reason, advancing civil rights almost always involves attaching the personal to the political; giving faces to statistics so that those who doubt their investment in a cause are forced to see how connected they really are.

Gay and Lesbian March in Havanna

People marched in Havana today as part of the events leading up to the International Day Against Homophobia. Debates and workshops were also held on topics such as gay marriage and gay/lesbian adoption. Gay marriage is not legal in Cuba, and more progress is obviously needed, but Cuba has come a long way from its earlier years on LGBTQ issues. Recently sex reassignment surgery for transsexual people has been covered by the free national health system.

Severely Queer presents Kenyon Farrow

Kenyon Farrow is coming to Edmonton!

How is growth and progress changing the face of Edmonton? How can you help ensure that we are ethically progressing?

In his talk Kenyon will explore how cities and areas get to be the way they are and how place and history affect people in their everyday lives. Looking at race, sex & the politics of gentrification in progressive and radical organizing, Kenyon will share his experience while looking at the politics of everyday life.

On May 14, from 7-9pm at the Jubilee Auditorium, Farrow will speak on WHOSE STREETS? Exploring Race, Sex & The Politics of Gentrification in Progressive and Radical Organizing.

Be there:
7pm-9pm, Friday May 14 2010
Jubilee Auditorium, Rehearsal Hall
(Enter Stage Door, South Entrance)
11455 87 Avenue
LRT stop: Jubilee/Health Sciences

By Donation

Onsite Child Care Available
Wheelchair / Some Reduced-Mobility Accessible
For accessibility questions email severelyqueer@gmail.com

On May 15 from 12-4pm he will facilitate a workshop called MAKING MOVEMENT: Organizing Strategies for Racial, Gender & Economic Justice.

Be there:
Noon- 4pm, Saturday May 15 2010
Transalta Arts Barns,10330 84 Ave

Pancake Brunch
Offsite Childcare Available
Wheelchair / Some Reduced-Mobility Accessible

To register for the workshop and for information about accessibility, email tkerr10@hotmail.com.

This event is sponsored by:
– Public Service Alliance of Canada
– Alberta Public Interest Research Group
– Alberta Federation of Labour
– Alberta Union of Public Employees
– HIV Edmonton