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News: Global Maternal Healthy, Living Without Money, and Youth Activism Against Enbridge

-Check out this fact sheet on global maternal health.

So cool:

Sixty-nine-year-old German Heidemarie Schwermer never thought she could go so long without money, but what begun as a 12-month experiment became a unique lifestyle 15 years ago.

…Instead, since 1996, she has lived by a unique scheme of swaps and barters she says has held her in good stead. Not a religious ascetic or a commune dweller, Schwermer is an urbanite living in the heart of a materialistic society and says she has no plans to go back to the world of euros and cents.

“Giving up money gave me quality of life, inner wealth and freedom,” she says.

-A ten-year-old Aboriginal girl is standing up to Enbridge and their pipelines.