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Carrying The World’s Assumptions

On this episode, we explore feminism and mental health. First we hear from registered psychologist, Nicole Perry, who describes her therapeutic approach and incorporating feminism into her practice. Then we bring you a round-table discussion with our special guests Rania Al Sharkawi and Quin Buck about dealing with microaggressions.

Emotional Currency

On this episode, we explore the concept of emotional labour and how it applies to everyday life and relationships. We start off with a group discussion reflecting on why emotional labour is relevant to us personally. Then we hear an interview with Ubah Mohamoud about why she began hosting healing circles for black Muslim women and the emotional toll of dealing with violent Islamophobia and racism in the media and in Canadian society.

Resisting Ability

On this episode, we explore self-care and its role in maintaining mental health. We take a look at various definitions of self-care and then we hear from Caitlin Hart, a student at the University of Alberta who is using art and performance as a way to celebrate neurodiversity in her community. Finally, we end the show with some anonymous streeter interviews.

News: BDSM and abuse, Lesbian heroes ignored by mainstream media, and Sexual violence and mental illness

On BDSM and abuse – how they are not the same thing but do, of course, at times cross paths. The author, in response to a comment, said this:

I really really really want to feel sure that as BDSM becomes more destigmatized — a process that appears to be happening independent of me and other feminist BDSM writers — that its communication/consent techniques are popularized as well. I want people who engage in these relationships to be understood, but I also really really really don’t want BDSM to be used as a shield to cover abusers.

By and large, in the wake of the tragedy in Norway the mainstream media has ignored the fact that a married lesbian couple saved 40 teenagers.

The tie between mental illness and sexual violence is strong in survivors. This is one way of many which sexual violence is terrible for your health (I wouldn’t be surprised if physical illness what also connected).


News: More Mad Pride, Poverty and Crime, Edmonton BDSM Workshop

  • A week ago we caught wind of Toronto Mad Pride Week which seeks to challenge “the stigma and oppression of those with mental health issues, and celebrate madness”. Here is that original article. Now that Mad Pride has rapped up, here is some more information on psychiatric patient advocacy in Ontario.
  • On poverty and crime and why increased incarceration, the Conservative government approach, is not a successful (or cost-effective) response.
  • The woman-positive local sex toy show, the Traveling Tickle Trunk, is hosting their first BDSM workshop this Saturday. Follow the link for more info about  the workshop and also about BDSM and the BDSM community.