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On this episode, we explore the way art can ground us with a sense of belonging. First we hear from Gwich’in artist and community advocate Nigitstil Norbert who speaks about her journey of becoming an artist, overcoming structural violence, and balancing Indigeneity and feminism in her work. Then we hear from Egyptian poet Nermeen Youssef about finding common ground between science and art, and why she began writing poetry after she moved to Canada.

Resisting Ability

On this episode, we explore self-care and its role in maintaining mental health. We take a look at various definitions of self-care and then we hear from Caitlin Hart, a student at the University of Alberta who is using art and performance as a way to celebrate neurodiversity in her community. Finally, we end the show with some anonymous streeter interviews.

Unfettered Youth

On this episode, we explore stories of youth and expression. First, we have a chat with Edmonton’s first youth poet laureate, Charlotte Cranston, who reflects on being the first to take on the position and becoming a mentor to young writers. Then we hear some excerpts from a talk recorded at Eurekamp, where a group of teenage campers share their perspective on what it means to be beautiful.

An extended interview with Brandon Wint

Here is our interview with spoken-word artist and arts educator Brandon Wint. Brandon explains how poetry can be used as a medium for personal and social healing, and as a tool of empowerment for marginalized voices in society. Finally, Brandon explains why the role of the poet often overlaps with that of the activist.

Brandon also performs two of his poems: “Home” & “Before You Ask”