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Body Stuff: Outcomes of Criminalizing Abortions, Body-Positive Colouring Book, and IUD Info

News: Global Maternal Healthy, Living Without Money, and Youth Activism Against Enbridge

-Check out this fact sheet on global maternal health.

So cool:

Sixty-nine-year-old German Heidemarie Schwermer never thought she could go so long without money, but what begun as a 12-month experiment became a unique lifestyle 15 years ago.

…Instead, since 1996, she has lived by a unique scheme of swaps and barters she says has held her in good stead. Not a religious ascetic or a commune dweller, Schwermer is an urbanite living in the heart of a materialistic society and says she has no plans to go back to the world of euros and cents.

“Giving up money gave me quality of life, inner wealth and freedom,” she says.

-A ten-year-old Aboriginal girl is standing up to Enbridge and their pipelines.

Good Reads on: Oppressive insults aimed at Conservatives, Adoption, Grieving

Here are some good reads from around the web today:

  • Over at Shameless Magazine, we are reminded that using your privilege, and discriminatory and oppressive language, jokes, etc. to talk down someone else who discriminatory and oppressive, in this case Toronto Mayor Tom Ford, is not okay.
  • A discussion post is open over at Feministe on adoption as a feminist issue.
  • Another discussion post is open over at Feministing on the role of grieving withing feminism.

News: DSK Rape Trial, Global Midwifery, and the Canadian Left

On the Dominic Straus-Kahn rape trial media coverage: “20 Quotes About DSK That Reveal How We Think About Rape”

On global midwifery: “UNFPA Releases Report on State of the World’s Midwifery”

On how the Canadian Left can build up successful opposition to the current conservative regime: “The Left and the end of Harper”