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Girl Power!

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Sam was our host on today’s Adamant Eve and she brought us an update on the court case brought forth by women ski jumpers wanting to take part in the 2010 Olympics.

In the news, Malaika talked about a recent study that found college students, both victims and perpetrators, reported increased incidents of sexual assault when the questions did not explicitly define the behaviour as assault.

Laura C. talked to Jessalynn Keller, a freelance journalist and PhD student in Film and Media Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Laura read a piece Jessalynn wrote for TheTyee.ca called “Sorry, Can’t Do Raunch Today” on our August live show and was thrilled when Jessalynn agreed to an interview. They talked about real power for girls, Twilight and teen magazines.

We also mentioned two events: the screenings of Polytechnique at the Metro this weekend, and the Love Letters to Feminism exhibit at the U of A. Follow the links for more info!

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Canadian Law & Modern Day Foreign Brides

This week Radio Eve featured Sam playing artists Alixa + Naima’s  “Being Human” from their album Ammunition, an amazing piece which falls, as Sam said, somewhere in between a song, poem and spoken word.

Check out Alixa + Naima at http://climbingpoetree.com

This week’s news looked at discrimination against transpeople, the influence social networking had on the city centre airport debate, and tax cuts.

We read an article commenting on the abusive relationship between the main characters of the Twilight series. You can read the article, The Undiagnosed Problem: The Twilight “Saga” by Esté Yarmosh here: http://womensmediacenter.com/ex/063009.html

In our feature, Laura Collison interviewed San San Sy of the Legal Resource Centre about a website the LRC created with Changing Together called Canadian Law & Modern Day Foreign Brides. You can find the website here: http://www.lawforforeignbrides.ca

You can hear the feature interview and Alixa + Naima’s  “Being Human” by clicking here.