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News: Strip Club Sued for Discrimination, Majority of Women Using Shelters Don’t Report to Police, and Women Taking More Advantage of Same Sex Marriage

  • Some ponderings on why, in the States at least, with increasing possibilities for same-sex marriage, women are more likely to marry women than men are to marry men.

News: IMF chooses first female leader, a better economy (actually), and Nunavat women’s shelter

The International Monetary Fund has picked French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as their new leader following Dominic Strauss-Kahn’s resignation (who recently sexually assaulted a hotel housekeeper). Lagarde will be the first woman to head the organization but while that sounds like a positive move on the surface the choice isn’t necessarily a good thing. The selection is expected to provoke protests from developing countries as the position has always been filled by a European, maintaining global financial power dynamics.

Duncan Cameron reclaims using the concern for the economy excuse from the Conservatives, arguing that their version of ‘promoting the economy’ is illogical, and calling out the Conservatives real agenda which is to privatize our public sector. Great read, definitely check it out.

In the real world, the economy is about people working together to meet each other’s needs. The people who do the work are the economic creators, not the corporations who cheat workers by paying them considerably less than their work is worth to the company. Profits come out of unpaid labour, and are increased by unpaid taxes; and, they certainly do not equate to economic well-being for people.

The parliamentary debate instigated by the New Democratic opposition leads naturally to a wider debate. Whose economy is it? What is the economy for? How do we improve economic well-being? This is the debate the Conservatives want to avoid. Unthinking acceptance of conventional wisdom serves the Harper government. Challenging Harper’s people on the economy is a good way to spend the four years until the next election.

In Nunavat, high rates of violent crime and a lack of resources has put substantial strain on Baffin Island’s only women’s shelter.

<3 Jay Smooth

Do you folks know Jay Smooth?

Jay Smooth is fantastic, so if you have never had the opportunity to watch his video blogs which are often awesome feminist rants with a good dose of humour, you should really do yourself a favour, sit down, and enjoy. Here’s a few of the best.

On Chris Brown:

On ‘No Homo’:

On Beauty Pageants and Gay Marriage:

Scottish Study: Young Students Support Violence Against Women and Sexist Gender Roles

The BBC reported on a study from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland a few months back. We had to post it anyways – even if we’re a little behind, the article  is definitely still current and relevant (and horrifying).

The study, which questioned students aged 11-12, found that most of the children thought violence towards women was acceptable if there was a reason behind it.

[The students] were asked to consider whether or not a man was justified in punching his partner when he found out she had had an affair. Nearly all of the children thought that the woman deserved to be hit.

In another scenario, about 80% of the children said a man had cause to slap his partner because she did not have the dinner ready on time.

The study also suggested that girls expected to modify and limit their behaviour and expectations once they were married and had children – sexual stereotypes were impacting the girls to accommodate men.

One of the girls said: “I want to be a dancer or a doctor.”

But she added: “When I grow up I’m going to have two babies and work part-time in the shop down the road.”

Both of these startling results could already be seen in the children’s lives. Researcher Nancy Lombard drew connections to childhood violence and power on the playground:

“The old saying of ‘If he pulls your pigtails it means he likes you’, translates into violence in adulthood which girls accept as normal.”…

“All the girls said they don’t get much of the playground because the boys dominate the space.

“They are still told they can’t play football because they are a girl.”

The study was presented at a conference organized by Scottish Women’s Aid and Edinburgh Napier University in February.