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Expert At Your Craft

On this episode, we discuss the challenges and triumphs of being a woman entrepreneur. First we speak with Andrea Beça, the host of That’s So Maven, a podcast about women business owners in Edmonton, about what’s she’s learned from speaking to so many women entrepreneurs. Then we hear from Carrie Armstrong, the owner of Mother Earth Essentials, an Aboriginal owned business, about what put her on the path to starting her own business. And finally we hear from Muhga Eltigani, the founder and CEO of NaturAll Club, about her line of fresh fruit hair products, and creating spaces to support black women and their businesses.

For more information on Andrea Beça and That’s So Maven visit: www.andreabeca.work/

For more information on Carrie Armstrong and Mother Earth Essentials visit: motherearthessentials.ca/

For more information on Muhga Eltigani and NaturAll Club visit: naturallclub.com/


Slut Walk 2014

“Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized” said a Toronto policeman to a group of York University students in 2011. This was the tipping point in an increasingly hostile rape culture that fostered victim blaming and slut shaming. In response, activists created SlutWalk, an annual event that brings attention to the issue of sexual violence, and provides a platform for feminist discourse on rape culture.

In this episode of Adamant Eve, we marched in Edmonton’s SlutWalk 2014 on Saturday, May 31 in Wilbert McIntyre Park, talking to activists, organizers, and participants.