Women in Comedy

Comedy_Round Table

Comedy Roundtable with stand-up comedians Adrienne Fish, Clare Belford and Celeste Lampa, with a special appearance by Penis and Boob gummies.


On the June 19th show, Adamant Eve sat down with three comedians to talk about the industry and opportunities for women in the stand up scene. Champagne hosted the round table with Edmonton comedian, Celeste Lampa (@CelesteLampa), Toronto comic Adrienne Fish (@adrienne_fish) and host of Edmonton’s Empress Comedy Night, Clare Belford (@clarebelford & @empresscomedy), and they covered everything from feminist and progressive material to something Celeste refers to as her “rice vag”. These women are hilarious and are sure to blow up the Canadian comedy scene.

Listen to the show:


Clare and Adrienne mention on the show how they were part of Toronto’s SheDot Comedy Festival earlier this year, so if you’re interested in learning more or getting involved, follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.


On the show we also mentioned the “She’s So Funny” documentary that Adrienne is in, and it provides some interesting insights on gender and comedy:

She’s So Funny from Minya Djacic on Vimeo.

And of course, check out the Empress Comedy Night at the Empress Ale House on Whyte Ave. and 99th Street each Sunday at 8:30pm.

Grrrls Rioting


Hey Feminists!

Friday November 8th at 5:30 Adamant Ever Brenna is interviewing Kristina Belyea from Edmonton riot grrrl band The Sweathearts! Brenna is also going to play a few tracks from a couple other riot grrrl bands, the links to their bandcamps are posted below!


The Sweathearts – http://thesweathearts.bandcamp.com/

Doll Fight – http://dollfight.bandcamp.com/

Rape Revenge – http://raperevenge.bandcamp.com/



Femcon Album Review – Erika Werry & the Alphabet’s I Think Yer So Smart


Think Yer So Smart by Erika Werry & The Alphabet – cross posted from cjsrfm.tumblr.com

At first I didn’t know what to think of this album. It was like one of those awkward first dates that ended in an ass-out hug. After listening to it a second time though, it turned out to be not so bad.

Erika Werry is a Toronto-based folk alt-country artist and she is a difficult artist to figure out. In the technical age it is so easy to find a musician’s webpage, blog, or Facebook and get some sort of hint about them that (usually) compliments their music. Werry, however, speaks mostly through her music. I managed to find an artist’s statement on the Tinderbox at http://boxesofboom.blogspot.ca/ where it is obvious that she is dedicated to her sound and takes exceptional pride in her work.

The album is quite long and diverse. It starts with an upbeat pop-punk feel in “What” and gradually falls into something reminiscent of folk-country ballads in “Early Wine”. Suddenly you are back in pop land with the track “Neil”. The flow reminds me a bit of the pacing in video games, where the action is built up to the point where your heart is beating out of your chest. This is usually followed by a huge wave of relief before you have a full-on meltdown in your dark basement at 3 in the morning.

Well, I was not listening to this album in a dark basement, mostly because I’m not privy to such luxuries. That’s not the only reason, but because Erika’s sound deserves birds flying through blue skies and bike rides in the river valley. Her voice has a natural wobble to it, which makes her stand out from her female counterparts. She’s also not afraid to experiment with rhythm, as heard in the track “Marguerite”. The overall sound is very dynamic, and changes from track to track. Altogether though I enjoyed the harmonies and the beautiful instrumentation. I’m a sucker for the harmonica in “Fishing for Fish”.

Her lyrics were a hit or miss for me. Some songs seemed to be conventionally based country songs about relationships, while others were quite strange with witty writing. I really enjoy the first verse in “What”:

Your ex-girlfriend is so beautiful,

You said she was a loser

I should’ve known you’d be a tool

She’s breezy and cool,

Her daughter is two.

Sticking up for another woman instead of viewing her as competition is a pretty original take on that sort of inter-relational dynamic.

Altogether this album is worth a listen. Try listening to it with headphones in, as to appreciate her voice. I found Werry’s voice did not have the same impact as when I played it in the background. It fits right at home when you’re cranking it during cooking dinner or laying in your bed looking at the ceiling.

Femcon Album Review – K.Flay’s West Ghost



I have been following K.Flay for almost a year now, ever since I mysteriously stumbled across her Eyes Shut EP on youtube. Then I fell into the rabbit hole that is the internet and emerged with a new crush.

So K.Flay is a rapper and alumni of Stanford University with a double major in psychology and sociology, and pretty much an all-around badass. She is smart and hilarious, originally taking up rapping to challenge the saturated market of lame mysoginistic rap we are drowning in. She is very clever and witty, especially in her book reports that she publishes on her youtube channel.

West Ghost

01 – Don’t Wait Up
02 – Fleas Navidad
03 – Fvcking Crazy (ft. Eligh & Grieves)
04 – Another Round
05 – The Cops
06 – West Ghost (ft. Allen Stone)
07 – No
08 – You Say
09 – Appetite For Consumption

westghostHer latest mixtape West Ghost is available for download (for freeeeee) from her website, and I strongly encourage checking it out!

On the disc K.Flay addresses a variety of topics from drinking to sex addiction, to the culture of consumption we are emerged in. The content is really rounded out and diverse! There are some relationship tracks as well as K.Flay’s specialty, which (I would say) are raps addressing mental illness, depression, and insecurity.

I always find her writing very raw and insightful. It does have a lot of drug, alcohol and suicide references so I would only recommend the tape for mature audiences.

I also really appreciate the diverse moods on the tapes, from up beat tracks like Fvcking Crazy and West Ghost to more soulful emotional tracks like The Cops, this disc really has a  song for every mood. I find this keeps me from zoning out when listening, I’m continuously and actively engaging with the music, replaying and paying attention to lyrics and the beat.

OH THE BEATS. K.Flay does all her own production and is a bit of a mix genius. She works mostly with electronic beats, creating some really neat effects, that really keep you tapping along.

From a feminist perspective, K.Flay challenges traditional gender roles and norms in most of her visuals and music. For instance the video for  The Cops is this jarring and unexpected twist on K.Flay enacting traditional gender roles.

Also many of her lyrics criticize the male dominated rap culture she deals with on a daily basis, this is the opening verse from Fleas Navidad:

I’m not underdressed, you’re overdressed
Spend my days with chauvinists
In studios, conference rooms think they’re smooth, but no finesse
My mom dealing with Oakland stress
The world like cold as shit
Missed the boat on the perks I’m supposed to get
Mai tais on a white beach, coconuts bitch

So yeah. I really like K.Flay and I recommend the West Ghost mixtape. Try listening to it in the gym, or on your power-walk to work or school!

Femcon Album Review – Kilo Kish’s K+



Kilo Kish  is an “American vocalist,song writer, visual artist, painter, fashion/textile designer, and model/actress. She is part of experimental collective, KoolKatsKlub, together with Producer/Rapper Mels McCloud and Rapper/Engineer Smash Simmons. Kish currently resides in Brooklyn.”

She is a regluar renaissance woman and her latest album K+ is not just a dream, trance, rap album with melo vocals and heavy bass but an entire multimedia art project. You can here her explain the project in her own words here.

As well I want to note how awesome this lady is after examining her web-blog, where she writes about delightfully nerdy things like the new Xbox One, and Game of Thrones.


01 Intro
02 Goldmine feat. Jesse Boykins III prod. by Star Slinger
03 Ghost feat. Childish Gambino prod. by Matt Martians, SBTRKT
04 Trappin feat. Vince Staples prod. by Earl Sweatshirt
05 IOU prod. by Matt Martians
06 Turquouise feat. Jesse Boykins III, prod. by PROF CALC
07 Scones feat. Childish Gambino prod. by Childish Gambino
08 Love2K feat. A$AP Ferg, Smash Simmons, prod. by Very Rare
09 Better feat. Andrea Balency produced by Patrick Paige of The Internet
10 Creepwave feat. Flatbush Zombies, prod. by Cronos


Listening to this album I was blown away by the originality. First of all the entire work is available for download for free from her site kilokish.com. Or you can listen to the full album via youtube.

The vocal flow and beats are very unique. Kish has a soothing tone of voice that really challenges the aggressive rapper motif. However, she does have a lot of collaboration on the album that allows the listener to hear the contrast on the disc and if you prefer the aggressive sound, there are tracks for you!

Her lyrics are also deep and intricate. There is a lot of tracks specifically about relationships, my favoriate being Goldmine, but I think I would prefer diversity in the subject matter, as a lot of the tracks come off quite monogamous/heteronormative. Here’s one of my favorite feminist lines from the track Turqoise.

And still, we’re casualties
Of summer nights with intuitions
I talk to Cash and tell her all my hopes and wishes
She says I need a man with morals and ambition
Still shudder at that idea of that old tradition
Like that, ‘cept for the fact that I get super bored
Fast, won’t you come back
Take your sweater up and drop it to the ground
You know I love the sound
Won’t you tell me to my face?
Champagne glass shattering
Emotions in this space

The production on the mixtape is amazing, unquestionably. And I admire the overall concept that she was striving for by documenting the entire creative process, the conversations at the beginnings and endings of the tracks really add to the dreamy atmosphere. This ablum is perfect to listen to when you are just chilling on the pub-trans.

I interpret her as having a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing what she releases next!

❤ Sarah