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Queer Women’s Health

On this episode, we explore queer women’s health and identities. First, we hear from LGBTQ community advocate Stephanie Booth about the specific health concerns that queer women face. Then we have a casual discussion about the word “queer” itself.

Carrying The World’s Assumptions

On this episode, we explore feminism and mental health. First we hear from registered psychologist, Nicole Perry, who describes her therapeutic approach and incorporating feminism into her practice. Then we bring you a round-table discussion with our special guests Rania Al Sharkawi and Quin Buck about dealing with microaggressions.

The Face Of Masculinity

On this episode, we peel away the veneer of masculinity and explore what lies underneath. We hear excerpts from a panel discussion at a screening of Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary The Mask You Live In. We then hear some reactions to the film, touching on why toxic masculinity is a mental health concern and how masculinity is interpreted by gay, bisexual, queer, and trans men.