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Start By Believing

On this episode, we tackle the culture of unbelieving surrounding cases of sexual assault. First, we discuss the origins of the #MeToo movement. Then we speak with Debra Tomlinson, the CEO of the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS), about improving responder education with the #IBelieveYou movement, and the importance of believing survivors of sexual assault.

To find sexual assault services near you in Alberta:
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The Root of Anger

On this episode, we explore the life and career of Valerie Solanas, the mother of radical feminism and the woman who shot Andy Warhol in 1968. We speak to Scantily Glad Theatre about their new play “SCUM: A Manifesto,” which revolves around Solanas’ work, and how to cope with anger in the face of patriarchal oppression.

Vulnerability In The Music

On this episode, we continue to address the lack of women performing on the open stage by shining a light on two Edmonton musicians: Amanda Franklin and Kaiya Derkach-Kodie. Amanda and Kaiya perform for Adamant Eve live in studio and tell us the stories behind the songs.

Songs featured:
“Riffraff Town” & “Carry Me Home” by Amanda Franklin
“Gone For Good” & “Change My Mind” by Kaiya Derkach-Kodie


On this episode, we explore a few representations, perceptions, and expectations of vaginas in popular culture. We talk to Dr. Michelle Meagher, professor at the University of Alberta, about the words we use to describe vaginas and vulvas, and the implications of these words. We also learn about visual artist Megumi Igarashi who’s fighting obscenity laws in Japan using 3d prints of her own body.