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Comedy_Round Table

Comedy Roundtable with stand-up comedians Adrienne Fish, Clare Belford and Celeste Lampa, with a special appearance by Penis and Boob gummies.


On the June 19th show, Adamant Eve sat down with three comedians to talk about the industry and opportunities for women in the stand up scene. Champagne hosted the round table with Edmonton comedian, Celeste Lampa (@CelesteLampa), Toronto comic Adrienne Fish (@adrienne_fish) and host of Edmonton’s Empress Comedy Night, Clare Belford (@clarebelford & @empresscomedy), and they covered everything from feminist and progressive material to something Celeste refers to as her “rice vag”. These women are hilarious and are sure to blow up the Canadian comedy scene.

Listen to the show:


Clare and Adrienne mention on the show how they were part of Toronto’s SheDot Comedy Festival earlier this year, so if you’re interested in learning more or getting involved, follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.


On the show we also mentioned the “She’s So Funny” documentary that Adrienne is in, and it provides some interesting insights on gender and comedy:

She’s So Funny from Minya Djacic on Vimeo.

And of course, check out the Empress Comedy Night at the Empress Ale House on Whyte Ave. and 99th Street each Sunday at 8:30pm.

Femcon Album Review – K.Flay’s West Ghost



I have been following K.Flay for almost a year now, ever since I mysteriously stumbled across her Eyes Shut EP on youtube. Then I fell into the rabbit hole that is the internet and emerged with a new crush.

So K.Flay is a rapper and alumni of Stanford University with a double major in psychology and sociology, and pretty much an all-around badass. She is smart and hilarious, originally taking up rapping to challenge the saturated market of lame mysoginistic rap we are drowning in. She is very clever and witty, especially in her book reports that she publishes on her youtube channel.

West Ghost

01 – Don’t Wait Up
02 – Fleas Navidad
03 – Fvcking Crazy (ft. Eligh & Grieves)
04 – Another Round
05 – The Cops
06 – West Ghost (ft. Allen Stone)
07 – No
08 – You Say
09 – Appetite For Consumption

westghostHer latest mixtape West Ghost is available for download (for freeeeee) from her website, and I strongly encourage checking it out!

On the disc K.Flay addresses a variety of topics from drinking to sex addiction, to the culture of consumption we are emerged in. The content is really rounded out and diverse! There are some relationship tracks as well as K.Flay’s specialty, which (I would say) are raps addressing mental illness, depression, and insecurity.

I always find her writing very raw and insightful. It does have a lot of drug, alcohol and suicide references so I would only recommend the tape for mature audiences.

I also really appreciate the diverse moods on the tapes, from up beat tracks like Fvcking Crazy and West Ghost to more soulful emotional tracks like The Cops, this disc really has a  song for every mood. I find this keeps me from zoning out when listening, I’m continuously and actively engaging with the music, replaying and paying attention to lyrics and the beat.

OH THE BEATS. K.Flay does all her own production and is a bit of a mix genius. She works mostly with electronic beats, creating some really neat effects, that really keep you tapping along.

From a feminist perspective, K.Flay challenges traditional gender roles and norms in most of her visuals and music. For instance the video for  The Cops is this jarring and unexpected twist on K.Flay enacting traditional gender roles.

Also many of her lyrics criticize the male dominated rap culture she deals with on a daily basis, this is the opening verse from Fleas Navidad:

I’m not underdressed, you’re overdressed
Spend my days with chauvinists
In studios, conference rooms think they’re smooth, but no finesse
My mom dealing with Oakland stress
The world like cold as shit
Missed the boat on the perks I’m supposed to get
Mai tais on a white beach, coconuts bitch

So yeah. I really like K.Flay and I recommend the West Ghost mixtape. Try listening to it in the gym, or on your power-walk to work or school!

Weekly News Roundup! – Model’s Rights, #1reasonwhy and Women in Gaming, and Events!


Hey Folks!

News Links:

The BBC has an awesome feature on the right’s of models.  The feature talks about the demand for child labour in the industry, the pressure that women are under to maintain a certain body type, and how they are dehumanized and abused. Sara Ziff, model and author of the feature produced a documentary in 2009 entitle “Picture Me”. Here’s the trailer:

“Picture Me” has been storming the fashion world since its release in Spring 2010. This is how the fashion world looks like, from the inside.

The hashtag #1reasonwhy has been trending on twitter. It addresses sexism in the game industry and has women who work in the industry addressing the number one reason why it sucks to be a woman in the gaming industry.

Also David Gaider a writer for the local game company Bioware addressed why it is sooooo crucial to have a female perspective in game development.

The UN’s Millenium Development Goals will be addressing LGBTQ discrimination in the post-2015 agenda.

Jacob Tobia, a human rights intern for the UN writes:

For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people across the world, this is an important moment. Given the vast and overwhelming nature of the discrimination faced by the LGBTI community worldwide, it is important that the post-2015 agenda addresses the development needs of LGBTI people. This is because, in so many respects, homophobia and development cannot mix.

From aptn.ca Two Aboriginal Women have been honoured with the Order of Canada.

Aaju Peter is an Inuk lawyer, clothing designer and activist. She spent a lifetime fighting for Inuit rights and raising awareness about the challenges faced in the North.

Michele Rouleau is the former present of the Quebec Native Women’s Association and is now the president of Wabanok Productions. She’s being recognized for her years of dedication to the Aboriginal and human rights.

Events in Edmonton:

Friday at the Citadel there’s a Rising Youth Poetry Slam hosted by the Breath in Poetry Collective, the Rising Youth Poetry Slam is an opportunity for young poets to showcase their art to their friends, family and peers. Though this event is structured as a competitive poetry slam, the idea is for each young poet to challenge themselves.

Dec 6, all day there will be an ICE vigil to acknowledge and remember the Montreal Massacre as well as draw attention to issues of gender based violence on campus. There will be hot chocolate at noon! It is being organized by Feminists at the U of A, Engineers without Boarders, and AP!RG. The vigil will happen infront of ETLC on the University of Alberta campus.

There will be an encore screening of “Who Cares”, a documentary addressing sex work and prostitution in Edmonton. This will take place on Dec 9th at the Metro Cinema. I attended the premier earlier this week and it was fantastic, also sold out!! I highly recommend the film!

E on Beauty


I often wonder why it is that some feminists believe that to wear make-up or dress up and wear heels is considered catering to the traditional ideal of female beauty. So the alternative is to go the opposite way. Is there really no room for allowing ourselves to be both strong feminists and still care about personal style?

Believe me, I detest most fashion magazines for the ads depicting ridiculous photoshopped standards of beauty and the useless advice they give to people that, for the most part, don’t know any better. But that doesn’t mean that fashion and personal style is synonymous with the evils in fashion. There are some things about feminism I don’t agree with, and rightly so, because I am an individual, and no two people ever think the same.

I saw an episode of What Not to Wear the other day where this professor was saying how there is a lot of inequity in fashion, especially when it comes to levels of comfort. The point that was made was that there is a halfway point we can find between comfort and style.

I think style should be not about purchasing the next fancy label, or having to get up at the crack of dawn to impress a man, I think it should be a personal expression of how you feel. For some women, that may be that they choose not to shave, or to wear heels, and I applaud them for making that personal decision. For myself, I have always enjoyed vintage hunting, following the latest trends and putting my own twist on them, and yes, heels (but not really high ones that hurt my feet).

I don’t believe that a person’s self-esteem should be wrapped up in their physical appearance. However, there are days where I wake up feeling like crap, and putting a little make-up and a nice outfit on makes me feel ready for the day. To me, the difference is that I am not dressing for others, but for myself. If I were to give up shaving and start dressing like some of my other feminist friends, I think I would be dressing for others.

The final reason I am writing this blog entry is as an introduction to a series of blog entries I plan on writing about style, design, decor and art. I want to encourage people to express themselves, and to push their limits of comfort when it comes to fashion. I often encounter women who limit themselves with that they think they can get away with and say things like “I could never pull that off.” Well I’m here to tell you that you can, and you should. I hope that we can all be proud to be women, in whatever makes you feel like the best you.

Emily W

Online Film Fest For Women


More women in media stuff!! This morning I stumbled across the article, THANKS, THEY’LL BE HERE ALL MONTH: FREE ONLINE FILM FEST CELEBRATES REAL WOMEN on The Mary Sue which is a blog that identifies as “a guide to geek-girl culture”. I recommend it, it’s cool. 🙂

But this particular post was on a rad initiative on itvs.org called Women and Girls Lead.

Women and Girls Lead is “an innovative public media campaign designed to celebrate, educate, and activate women, girls, and their allies across the globe to address the challenges of the 21st century.”

As part of this campaign they have created the Women and Girls Lead Online Film Festival!

In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, ITVS presents an online film festival of documentaries showcasing extraordinary women and girls on the front lines of change around the world.

It claims you can watch all the films online, but unfortunately they are unavailable to people who have a canadian IP address.

BUT here’s a couple trailers I encourage you to check out the rest on the ITVS website.

And if you’re really internet savy you can probably find a download somewhere, if not here’s directions on how to use a VPN to reroute your IP and watch the full movies from the PBS website. Oh using the magic of the internet to extend the reach of feminism, AWESOME.