Teen pregnancy rates drop

Surprise surprise: better sex education and goals for women outside of motherhood see a reduction in teen pregnancy rates and teens seeking abortion!

Unfortunately, while these statistics are awesome because it means teenagers are better able to make choices regarding their sexuality because of better information, some applaud them for the wrong reasons. We demonize teenagers who choose abortion or parenthood when they are faced with pregnancy. These are choices we also need to support (not to mention teenagers having sex at all).

“It’s still really taboo on lots of people’s minds about having sex, and I think it leads to the judgment around teen pregnancy. I think we live a double-standard and youth sometimes get caught in that double-standard that, ‘Sex is out there, but don’t do it!’ ” says Louise Moody, executive director of Humewood House, a young parents’ resource centre in Toronto. “People don’t stand up on a bus for a pregnant teen to have a seat, and that’s sad.”

More here and here.

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