To the email!

Its time to contact your school trustee!!

Edmonton Public Board trustees passed a motion in March approving the development of a policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination against sexual minorities.

Awesome! But according to this CBC article some members of a Christian school program in the city are upset that if the wording in a new policy is not changed they will no longer be able to discriminate, oppress, and spread hatred.

The article in the June 2011 Logos Lantern, a newsletter for parents, says the policy could have “a significant, negative impact” on the Logos Christian Alternative Program. Parents are urged to contact their trustee and comment on a survey.

“If the policy … means that our Logos teachers and principals would not longer be able to express freely in their classrooms that the homosexual lifestyle is not in accord with their Christian beliefs, and that they would be required to ‘affirm’ homosexual lifestyle as acceptable to traditional Christian values, then we cannot accept this,” states the article titled “An Alert to Logos Parents.”

Its time for you to contact your school trustee and let them know that it is not acceptable for teachers to discriminate against some of their students because of their gender identity or sexuality. This is not a ‘right’ to be protected.

Check the map of Edmonton’s wards here if you’re not sure who to contact.

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