News: Man Catches Sexual Assault Perpetrator, Better Housing Needed on Reserves, and Preserving Languages


  • A boy was sexually assaulted today in Edmonton. While this is obviously terrible (and it would be better if it could have been prevented before anyone was harmed), the fact that a bystander, after being told by the child what happened and who did it, went after the perpetrator, chasing him down and holding him until police came is really great news. Too often children (and other survivors) aren’t believed when they disclose about a sexual assault. This man didn’t spend any time doubting the account and took the attack very seriously. Good job, and thank you!

An evaluation of the federal government’s involvement in housing on First Nations reserves over 13 years confirms what critics have long contended: Ottawa is not keeping up with housing support, and conditions are actually getting worse.


At the same time, housing is often sub-standard and quickly falls apart. The audit says there is not enough funding to pay for maintenance and upkeep.

There are serious health and safety consequences for communities when housing is allowed to crumble, the report warns.

Overcrowding is still a major problem, although not as bad as in the past, the report adds. The proportion of houses considered overcrowded has dropped by a third over 13 years, but it is still six times higher than for non-aboriginal Canadians.

  • University of Alberta’s Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute graduates are working to protect and sustain their traditional languages. Maintaining different languages is important because they are not value neutral – other languages bring other worldviews. As well, losing language is linked to many other social problems.

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