News and Links: Air Canada Flight Attendants Turn Down Tentative Agreement, Geek Culture and Sexism, Using Islamic Women as a Symbol to Justify War

-Air Canada flight attendants have turned down a tentative agreement reached last month with 87.8% voting against it.

“The results send a strong message to the company,” Jeff Taylor, President of the Air Canada Component of CUPE, said in the news release. “We have heard our members loud and clear.”

“After a decade of concessions, the membership has clearly said it wants a fair deal, especially since the company is in a much better financial position,” Taylor added.

Related: Ms. Magazine has a post up on why collective bargaining is pivotal to women’s economic rights.

-On sexualization and objectification of women participating in geek culture.

-For those who don’t get it yet: On how holding up Islamic women as victims is used to justify war and imperialism.


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