Feminist Events in Edmonton: March


There is sooooo much happening in the city in the next couple weeks! here’s a couple events that are a must-check-out!!

Solidarity Week (http://solidarityweek.wordpress.com/):

Dates: Feb 27 – March 2

Location: Locations vary! check the website for more details.

Solidarity Week is a grassroots endeavour at the University of Alberta initiated by various campus and community groups. Our aim is to create a space and an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together and to learn about each other’s struggles against colonialism, imperialism, and various forms of domination and oppression.

They have tons of awesome events all listed on their website, which is linked above!

Feminist Edmonton Presents Intersectionality – A Feminist Conference (http://feministedmonton.com/):

Dates: March 1 – 7th

here’s the schedule from their website, some events are register only, so click the link above to register online!

Thursday March 1 – Feminism and Womanism Panel

  • Location: Aboriginal Student Council Lounge
    220 North Power Plant, University of Alberta Campus
  • Time: 5PM

Solidarity Week and Feminist Week presents an engaging discussion unpacking the definitions of feminism, womanism, inclusiveness and identity.

Friday March 2 – “I’m Feminist Enough To . . . ” Video Screening & Discussion

  • Location:  Stanley Milner Library
  • Time: 6:30 PM

A screening of the short video “I’m Feminist Enough to … ” followed by a discussion as to how participants view feminism, whether they view feminism as relevant to their daily lives and whether or not they feel feminism is representative of their experiences.

Saturday March 3 – Creative Decompression Session

  • Location:  Sent to those who register
  • Time: 2 PM

This womyn-only event will bring feminist and activist womyn together to discuss their experiences with oppression within activist communities.  Participants will begin working together to produce a formal statement, zine, manifesto, or other agreed-upon document to eventually present to the community at large.

Monday March 5 – Non-Academic Feminism Panel

  • Location:  Eastwood Hall
  • Time: 6:30 PM

What informs perspectives on Feminism?

How does it feel when your way of thinking and experiences aren’t validated unless someone with recognized credentials agrees with you? Sometimes feminism can ignore or exclude a woman’s perspective if there isn’t a peer reviewed journal describing what she does, or how she feels, or why she acts a certain way.

How can a woman relate to feminism if the word doesn’t translate into her language, or how can a woman relate to feminism if her faith is seen as anti-woman? What if a woman doesn’t want her work to be identified as feminist?

Enjoy an evening listening to four women talk about their perspectives, their experiences with feminism and how that intersects with their racial identities.

Wednesday March 7 – Women and Labour Panel

  • Location:  TBA
  • Time: 6:30PM

A panel of local labour representatives will provide brief descriptions of their organizations, their work and how changing workplace organization impacts women. Breakout sessions with each representative will provide a unique opportunity to discuss, plan and support workplace organization and to encourage solidarity in regard to employment and workplace issues.

First Nations Conference on Sustainabile Building and Communities (http://sustainablefnc.ca/):

Dates: Feb 29, March 1

Location: River Cree Resort and Casino
300 East Lapotac Blvd – Enoch
Edmonton, Alberta

On February 29 and March 1 of 2012, the inaugural First Nations Conference on Sustainable Buildings and Communities will bring together a diverse group of participants to start a conversation about the vision, planning, design and operations of sustainable buildings and community facilities for Canada’s First Nations.

This event looks super interesting there is sooo many awesome speakers, check out the full details on their website.

REDress Art Installation (facebook):

Dates: March 5 -9th

Location: University of Alberta Campus

We aired a feature on this art installation on last week’s show! (Feb 24)

from the UofA Augustana News:

Project History
The REDress Project has been exhibited at various venues both locally and nationally including, The University of Winnipeg in collaboration with The Institute for Women and Gender Studies in March 2011, The Manitoba Legislature in June 2011, The Women’s Worlds International Feminist Gathering in Ottawa in July 2011, Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC in October 2011 and most recently at The University of Manitoba in November 2011. The project continues to gain momentum and positive support and feedback from communities across Canada. With now over 300 donations of red dresses from people across the country, the project continues to grow and build towards its goal of raising national awareness and providing space for dialogue, as well as the impetus for ending violence against Aboriginal women.

check out more on missing and murdered indigenous women at MissingJustice.ca

Israeli Apartheid Week (http://psnedmonton.ca):

Here’s a little bit about PSN:

The Palestine Solidarity Network is a non-profit, grassroots collective aimed at advocating and upholding the human rights of Palestinians in the face of ongoing oppression, occupation, racism and discrimination, both in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora. We maintain groups at both the community level, the Palestine Solidarity Network – Edmonton, and on the University of Alberta campus, the Palestine Solidarity Network – U of A.

This looks especially feminist 🙂


Women’s Perspectives on Occupation and Apartheid
Featuring Rela Mazali (via Skype), Anat Matar (via Skype), and Ghada Ageel
Wednesday, March 7 (Noon – 2:00 pm)
Telus Building Room 236/238
Corner of 111 Street & 87 Avenue, University of Alberta Campus

Alrighty I will see everyone at all these wonderful events 🙂


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