Support GELA Women’s Prison Committee Fundraiser!

The Greater Edmonton Library Association’s (GELA) Women’s Prison and Reintegration Subcommittee is hosting a book sale this weekend! All proceeds will go to the library program at the Edmonton Institution for Women – the federal prison for women in this region.

The program keeps the library well stocked, but there are some other neat projects, too. There’s a Book Club made up of volunteers and inmates that meets every three weeks. It works like a regular book club – sometimes they talk about the book, sometimes they talk about life. It gives the women an opportunity to discuss literature, but it also is an opportunity for them to build friendships.

There’s also the Story Book Project. With this project, volunteers record women reading a story, then send a copy of the book and the recording to their child. Not only does this program promote literacy, it helps keep a connection between mothers and their children. Women come to EFIW from as far away as Manitoba or the Territories and it can be very difficult for them to visit their children. The CDs mean the kids can hear their mom’s voice whenever they want to and they can have a story from their mom every night.

Come out Saturday and Sunday to 10706 – 84 Ave (just north of Whyte), buy some books, and support the women and the library of the Edmonton Institution for Women.

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