Adamant Eve Alumni and Conservative Sexism

Unless there is more than one awesome feminist named Laura Wood in Vancouver (which is entirely possible), then this piece that appeared on is from an Adamant Eve graduate! If you folks have been missing Laura Wood, check out Chipping away at gender equality: Harper’s five-year round up.

A lot of damage has been done in the past five years under Harper’s conservative government, and though he has tried to silence our voices, we are still here. Still making up half of the population. It’s pretty powerful to imagine how much impact women could have if we demanded to be heard.

Harper may try to pacify us when the next election comes around — pose with kittens, dress in sweaters, smile occasionally — but the record of the last five years is very clear. Women’s equality in Canada is going backwards. When it’s time to vote, let’s change this.

Also check out Adamant Eve’s list of damage done by Harper’s conservatives from last June. It is quite expansive…

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