Women & Religion Seminar

Presented by the Edmonton Interfaith Centre


Monday, April 4, 2011 / 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Beth Shalom Synagogue, 11916 Jasper Avenue
Cost: $ 25, $20 Centre Members/Seniors/Students
Includes all sessions, lunch, and refreshments.
(Cash and checks only if paying at the door)

Women have always played a wide variety of roles within all faith traditions, sometimes at the forefront and sometimes behind the scenes. Often it appears that their voices have been lost. Yet, their participation in religious rituals and their contributions to their faith communities tell a unique and extraordinary story.

Women have shaped their religions in important ways. On Monday, April 4, the Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education & Action will explore the spiritual journeys of women across faith traditions, and examine the role of women in religious leadership.

Please join us as we consider women’s diverse religious experiences, and learn from their stories. The event includes two panel discussions as well as breakout group sessions.

About: The Edmonton Interfaith Centre works to promote respect, friendship, harmony and understanding between people of all faiths. Our objective is to educate the community about the religious faiths present in our city and province. Learn more about our work & visit our website.

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