Asbestos Exports

After other countries endorse the international listing of asbestos as hazardous, Canada blocks the listing. Asbestos carries huge health risks and, across the country, many a costly project has removed asbestos from many of our older building. Yet the Conservative government is set on exporting it to countries where it isn’t yet a banned construction material. We wouldn’t want it at home, but if we can make money off of global suffering then let’s go for it! Isn’t that was neocolonialism is all about?

From Rabble:

Asbestos causes cancer and other deadly lung diseases. That’s why asbestos has been banned in 52 nations, including the European Union. Not to mention, the Canadian government removed it from Parliament and the prime minister’s home. Despite all this, Canada is still a leading exporter of asbestos to developing countries.

Stephen Harper should ban it, or put it back in his home.

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